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Forest~ Miscellaneous Song
Hope~ Trance Song
Infected Growth~ Miscellaneous Song
Twilit Anomalies~ Techno Song
Cytoplasm~ Ambient Song
Battle of Creativity~ Miscellaneous Song
Dream Come True~ Trance Song
The Perfect (snow)Storm~ Classical Song

2009 Submissions

FlashForward (DnB Remix)~ Drum N Bass Song
The Hardest Decision~ Trance Song
Definite Uncertainty~ Trance Song
Wake Up~ Techno Song
Impulses~ Drum N Bass Song
In Your Own Worlds~ Techno Song

2008 Submissions

Winter Aftermath~ Classical Song
Solitude~ Classical Song
Traverse the Woods(Orch Remix) Classical Song
Inner Turmoil~ Miscellaneous Song
Not End~ Trance Song
Ninjas Miscellaneous Song
Egyptian Pipelines~ Industrial Song
Opening of Finale~ Trance Song
The Bright Side~ Techno Song
Dark Realization~ Techno Song
Swift Motion~ Techno Song
Industrialized Streets~ Industrial Song
Piercing Rays~ Techno Song
Beyond Earth~ Trance Song
Icicles~ Techno Song
The Blessing~ Goth Song
Let's Fly!~ Trance Song
Reminiscence of Darkness~ Techno Song
Night Shift~ Industrial Song
Game Over~ Classical Song
Death of a Sakura Tree~ Classical Song
Jumpy~ Techno Song
Dispel~ Drum N Bass Song
Midnite Run~ Techno Song
Rising Sun~ Techno Song
Haunting~ Ambient Song
Enclosing~ Techno Song
Boss Battle~ Drum N Bass Loop
The Launching~ Techno Song
Shooter~ Drum N Bass Song
Battle~ Video Game Loop
Escape~ Video Game Loop
Fortress~ Ambient Song
A year in Kingston~ Classical Song
Underneat Arctic~ Techno Song
Crossing the wild mountain Classical Song
ThisRain Techno Song