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4th post

2010-09-29 02:33:06 by PowersWithin

In an effort to be more active on Newgrounds, I have decided to make my 4th news post ever.
I feel so over-active on NG now. I mean... 2 news posts within the same year?! What's happening to this world!

Oh and the thing I mentioned in that my post, it worked out w00t :D

3rd post

2010-01-31 03:03:30 by PowersWithin

I need to start updating my news post more than once a year =_=;;

Anyway, I've been busy with school. Haven't been composing much due to the lack of time and a tiny bit lack of inspiration. I mostly submit my songs on my youtube account nowadays (
, since I feel it's more casual that way.

These days, I'm working towards this: ex.php
Wish me luck! I've never wanted something (academic/career-wise) this badly.

2nd post

2009-01-13 16:46:45 by PowersWithin

...After realizing that I haven't changed my post since 2007, here's a new news post with no real purpose.

So I came across this scientific article about singing in tune in correlation with the ability to distinguish between notes. ne-deafness-bad-singing
Although I don't think they gave an exact answer to WHY some people can't sing in tune.
I've a friend who sings like... 3 semitones off =_=;; and I try to understand why she is so off tune and why she can't tell that she's so off tune haha.

And here are a few more scientific articles about music skills: fm?id=D9B28158-0DA7-0B9B-7A9ED831AB12A A80 sical-training-aids-mem fm?id=7F935FF0-F32D-934E-3839395703713 706 rfect-pitch-youve-eithe eaking-tonal-languages

Boo I don't have perfect pitch :( I only have relative pitch XD Apparently it's genetic.

End of pointless news post ¬_¬;;;

First news post?

2007-10-29 00:20:55 by PowersWithin

So yeah... I'm sitting here and writing my first NG news post ever.
Anyway, since it's the first one ever for me, let's do some introductions.
I'm a 3rd year university student at Queen's University in Canada. I'm studying biochemistry (why I decided to torture myself like this I've NO idea) along with computer science.
I hope to go into something art related (I really need to go to art class if I wanna do this, since my anatomy skills n scenery skills are crappz0rs) or computers related in the future tho, because I my passion for biochemistry is like -100 =_=;;;;

I compose during my free time. I started around February of 2006, and discovered Fruity Loops in June 2006. I can't really play any instrument very well to be honest... I guess I'm most experienced with the clarinet =_= I use to play the accordion when I was 4 (haha, actually more like being forced into it by asian parents =_= ). I haven't really learned that much music theory. I know the basic things such as reading notes, dynamics (since I was in the band during grades 3-10), and the most basic concepts of chords. I haven't really gone hardcore enough with music to put too much time into learning more music theories n stuff yet, but we'll see.

So that's about it... I have just procrastinated 15 more minutes yayyyy.

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